The Plantation Drive under Greening Chandigarh Action Plan 2015-16 was successfully conducted by the Environment Society “AVNI” of our college. The NSS volunteers also participated in the drive.

The first phase of plantation drive was held on 10th September 2015. The students participated with great enthusiasm. About 100 members of “AVNI” society also participated in ‘Pot Painting and Designing Competition’ in which the students of the society painted the pots with bright colours and symbols of environment. The saplings were planted by the students in these colourful pots. The students were awarded certificates.

First Prize Navneet Kaur B.Com III Team Participation
Karamjeet Kaur B.Com III
Babita B.Com III
Sachin B.Com III
Second Prize Radhika B.Com I Team Participation
Nikita Saini B.Com I
Urmila Negi B.Com I
Ramandeep Kaur B.Com I
Third Prize Jasmine Kaur B.Com I Individual Participation


The second phase of plantation drive was held on 16th September 2015 in which all the members of environment society, NSS volunteers, the staff and other employees planted 100 plants in the pots while another100 were distributed to the students to plant in their backyards  or the open spaces near their houses. The plants were supplied by the Forest Department, Chandigarh Administration. The students were also given information about the different varieties of plants given to them by one of our Mali.

The plants this session have been deliberately planted in the pots as our college is in a transitory stage and the open space of the new building are not leveled because of the construction material spread in different sites as the construction of the college is under way.

The third phase of the plantation drive will be conducted in the new college building as soon as boundary walls gets constructed so that the plants are nurtured by the environment society “AVNI” by making one student own one tree and also name each tree.



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